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Help! I can't help myself!

Is Easter just a really great excuse to overindulge in chocolate? Is the long bank holiday weekend the perfect permission to drink excessively? To party hard? Or harder than usual?

Social events on the calendar scream overindulgence don't they? How hard is it to turn down that drink when you know you have not got work the next day and everyone else is drinking as well?

Chocolate easter eggs - just for the kids? Hmmm.... sometimes the diet flies out of the window when we're presented with a special occasion and it seems silly to say no.

Do we need to rely on will power? Do we have no control over our urges and impulses? Do we all live with FOMO?

If you find yourself crumbling at the first hurdle, giving into temptation and feeling shame and regret you are not alone and you are not a failure.

Many people turn to hypnotherapy to help boost their dwindling will power or to give them the confidence to turn their back on addictive substances or habits. Hypnotherapy does indeed, help. You have to want it for yourself - you have to want to make that change - see that FOMO is really the fear of missing out on a life unlimited! Alcohol ties you down - you can't drive, you can't be spontaneous and do things because you're already two or more glasses down. You can't just give your child a lift or pick them up in an emergency - you're trapped by your habit. That's when you realise that it impedes your life - restricts you, holds you back and you're tied to it like a prisoner. That's when the shame kicks in.

Maybe it's the cake and chocolate, the sugar cravings, you can't ignore. Maybe it's the drugs that you once tried but now "enjoy" just a bit too often, and actually, don't seem to enjoy that much after all. Maybe it's just a pain in the wallet and an annoying habit you just can't shake off. Regrets, shame, guilt.

Whatever your vice may be, there's a very good reason it exists. You are not a bad person. You are not weak. You are hurting. You are escaping from something that is painful and your mind has discovered a way to soothe you, to help numb the hurt, to block out reality, to calm you and protect you. Your mind is clever. Once you begin to appreciate how your habit is actually a way to soothe you you can look at yourself with kindness and compassion rather than scorn, shame and guilt. Look inside and begin to ask yourself, what is it that you need protecting from? What hurt are you avoiding? You may be completely unaware of the reason for your habit but chances are, you will have some idea, but hypnotherapy can access your mind and help discover what is going on for you. Once we begin to understand ourselves more we take back the control, we learn to soothe ourselves in different ways. We find the answers we need and we can learn to love ourselves again and free ourselves from shame and regret and that nagging voice in our heads. We begin to live a life unlimited by habits, we begin to live free, no more FOMO as we are living our lives no longer shackled to a need or craving or impulsive or compulsive behaviour. We feel the emotion, we understand it, we care for ourselves and we soothe ourselves in kinder ways. Let hypnotherapy help you to help yourself.

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