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Start living and not just existing!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Life Unlimited Hypnotherapy began as I began a new life! I decided my old life was dull, boring, restricted and not authentic! Enough of existing in a day to day repeat of nothingness! I deserved far more from life than the boring, repetitive, demanding and unsatisfying life I was living.

In 5 years I have turned my life around!

I got out of a very unhealthy marriage and although it was the darkest of times it was the "Tower moment" where my life started to see light again.

I cut out drinking wine and gained so much free time, energy, curiosity, energy, vibrancy, self-love and self-respect! My relationships - with family, friends, everyone - improved dramatically. I started to like myself, even love myself! I was not hiding in embarrassment or diminshing myself to keep the peace or avoid dramas. I was not escaping the pain of my life and numbing the sadness.

In the last five years I have re-discovered who I am. What talents I have - some old and resurfaced and others completely new. I have experienced new hobbies, new studying, self-development and gained an awareness that has left me glowing. I have made new connections with genuine people who continue to impress and influence me on my journey. I am positive that I do not know everything but I am excited to learn! I am excited to keep becoming better and better - at what I do, at how I view life, at how I interact with people, how I make life better - for myself and my family, friends and everyone I meet. I am still healing from hurts and traumas but understanding myself and psychology and therapy through personal counselling, study and self-development, I know that my healing will continue and Life is unlimited by past behaviours or thinking patterns.

I can recognise feelings or reactions that come up as related to my past. I can reflect on whether they are helpful responses, relevant to my present day life or something I can shrug off as my old ways, old responses.

It's good to be able to reframe how you look at things. Take a refreshed point of view. Enjoy a renewed passion for life and actually rise up to the new, fulfilling life that you can have, if you choose it.

I will be sharing my thoughts with you regularly, and would love your feedback. I am always open to new connections and dialogue. email me or comment. Are you ready for a Life Unlimited?

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