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Feeling anxious?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

It's January 2023 and a whole new year lies ahead... what are you going to do with it?

So did you set yourself a whole list of New Year's resolutions? Have they already fallen by the wayside? Possibly.

Maybe you were wiser this year and just set yourself one or two resolutions? Ones that would be easier to stick to?

Perhaps you decided that resolutions aren't for you? Too stressful! To anxiety-inducing! Fear of failure! It's not a good feeling - failing - even if it is only you that know about it.

Perhaps you could follow my lead - In recent years I have set myself intentions for the year but with a compassionate understanding that I may not achieve all of them or may not stick to them consistently. Fear not! That is not setting myself up for failure - it's simply acknowledging that I am human and have a very busy life - one which gets derailed at times by the needs and demands of others. If I slip, I just start again. No recriminations or negative self-talk!

I have intentions for each area of my life - physical, mental, spiritual, relationships, career. By far, the most important intention is to consider my self-care - if I do not listen to my own needs - mental and physical, I will be no good to anyone. You cannot pour from a empty cup, as the saying goes. I have become so much better at recognising when I need time for myself, meditation or hypnotherapy. Gentle quiet time to ease stress and anxiety that may appear. I know when my body needs rest or exercise and I am getting better at rehydrating and eating more consciously (although I still like the odd cream cake!)

What's holding you back from making 2023 the best year yet?

Recently, several clients have spoken to me about feeling stuck or not knowing what to do, where to go next. Some are held back by fear, feeling anxious about making the wrong decision. Is it a New Year thing? when we all take stock of where we are? One year comes to an end - have we accomplished what we set out to do at the start of the year? What can we do differently this year? Yes, indeed - what can we do differently? You know my favourite saying: "If nothing changes, nothing changes!" This is YOUR life - YOU decide and YOU make the changes. If you are lost or unhappy about your current situation - it's time now to do something about it.

Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to make your decision

I love using NLP to help clients find their path forward. It is simple, straight-forward and helps clients reframe how they see things. They find the answers they already knew! Sometimes it's so satisfying just to be the facilitator and watch my clients discover what they need to - whether through NLP, talking therapy or hypnotherapy - the client is always in control and will always find their own answers - I just help them on their way. What do you need to discover?

Make 2023 the year you overcome anxiety

Let's banish anxiety, phobias or bad habits that simply hold you back and stop you moving forward. Is it time to stop smoking? Cut back or cut out alcohol? Time to be courageous at work or change direction? Whatever you feel is your goal or intention right now, we can work on it together. Let's find you your own Life Unlimited. Believe me, it's great.

Book a free initial consultation online to see how we can work together now.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think about resolutions, goals, intentions challenges or whatever name you they have a place in your life?

Happy New Year to you all,

Joe x

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