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I have written two books which I feel may help you to reflect on a deeper level than you are used to so that you can understand yourself a little better.

I hope you can gain the courage and insight needed in order to make whatever changes in your life which you feel are necessary.

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I Am A Work in Progress

In this book I offer guidance and specific tools for you to try yourself. I want you to be able to help yourself using psychology, psychotherapy and neuro-Linguistic Programming, explained in simple and effective terms.

I share some of what I have learned through working on myself and my personal healing. We are all a work in progress.

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One Year to Grow

One Year to Grow is a daily journal which gives you the opportunity to read a quotation and take time to reflect upon how it resonates with you, personally. What does it make you think? What emotions does it stir within you? Does it bring you memories, feelings, hope or inspiration? Does it resonate with a specific situation in your life? What can you learn in this moment?


There is space for you to write down your thoughts and date it, allowing you to return to your notes at a later date and see if your initial response stays the same. 

There is inspiration, encouragement and guidance to be found within 366 quotations. Take what feels right for you and grow at your own pace.

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